This evening and the next three days...

      (before sleep, when you wake up, then after every 6-8 hours)

a.  Wash your hands with warm water & antibacterial soap

b.  Remove bandage or plastic

You will probably have a film over your tattoo.  These are natural, healing

body fluids along with maybe some color.  This is normal and will wash away.

c.  Wash your tattoo with warm water & antibacterial soap.

Wash gently, but thoroughly, with hands

Do NOT use wash cloth or anything abrasive

d.  Dry the tattoo with a clean towel.  Pat dry, don’t wipe.

e.  Wrap the clean, dry tattoo with new, fresh, clean plastic like Saran ClingWrap

after washing & drying the entire area and it’s surrounding areas.

                      ALWAYS USE A CLEAN, NEW, PIECE OF WRAP

                                    AFTER NO MORE THAN 6-8 HOURS

f.  DO NOT put any ointments or lotions under the wrap. 

    The plastic will keep your tattoo from drying up and sticking to bed sheets

or clothing, protects it from exposure dirt/germs, and will speed healing. 

        (The plastic may be annoying, but it’s worth it)

After the first 3 days...

a.  Plastic is no longer necessary

    Just make sure to wash it every morning, night, and after any exposure to

       anything unsanitary/dirty.  And remember to KEEP ALL PETS AWAY from a new tattoo.  If you have or are around pets, it’s important to keep them

       away from a fresh tattoo for 7-10 days.  Even places where dander and hair remain can be dangerous places to rest an unhealed tattoo. 

Keep it clean.

b.  You can use an unscented lotion like Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion or

Lubriderm (remember, no more plastic is needed anymore).  These lotions

       might help it feel less dry, tight or “itchy”, and promote healing.

      Apply just a few times a day when needed for a few weeks.

General Rules for a new tattoo for at least 10 days...


DO NOT soak in sauna, steam or tub.

DO NOT use ointments (like Neosporin or Bacitracin) or petroleum jelly

DO NOT expose to chlorine swimming pools, lake or beach waters, and sand.

Keep tattoo covered while in the sun for the first 6 weeks (at least)

& use sunblock after healed ...forever

Your tattoo should peel in about 5-7 days, then continue to heal

internally for 4-6 weeks.

Remember that healing may vary from person to person,

so if you scab a little more or less than someone else you know, don’t be alarmed. 

All the artists here are experienced and we do guarantee our work,

as long as you follow OUR care instructions.  If you have

any problems or questions, please come by (best choice), call us at 704-347-2521

or email us at

Thank you