So, thinking about your next tattoo?


     That’s great!  And thanks for checking out our website.  Welcome to Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio! We want you to have a final product that is better than what you were expecting or hoping for.  Your satisfaction is absolutely the most important thing that matters.  We do things the way we do here to make the shop run as smoothly as possible.  We start with having one of the cleanest studios anywhere.  We try to make this place as clean or cleaner than any doctor’s office.  Safe and sterile are the only ways to start... and finish.  Secondly, quality artwork is obviously a must.  We try hard to make sure that we are the tattoo studio that takes that “extra step”.  We realize that this artwork is going to be with you permanently.  So taking those few extra minutes to prepare and make sure everything is just right before we start, as we go, and afterwards is crucial. 

    As you navigate around our website, please check out our Advice, Preparation and Aftercare pages for lots more info!

How do I set up an appointment?

    For tattoo appointments, please email the shop with reference pictures and/or notes about what you'd like to have done.  Let us know about placement, size, color or black & grey preferences, artist preferences, etc.  

email us at

or text message us at


    We do ask for deposit for tattoo appointments to hold your appointment time. Your deposit is NOT an extra charge, it does go towards the price of the tattoo. It's just to secure your spot and not have our artists waiting around for someone who may not show up.  If the artist already has all the information he needs, you can place your deposit here on our website.

Does it hurt?

The amount of pain depends on several factors, i.e. size and location of the tattoo, state of mind (if you dwell on the pain, it will hurt). If you relax and stay calm, your body can adjust the pain to only an annoyance. There are many variances in the feeling all over the body. The "bony parts" are not always more painful than the "fatty parts." My advice, don't decide on the location based on pain, after it's all over with you'll see it probably wasn't that bad, and you'll only regret not putting the tattoo where you originally wanted.

What about safety and sterility?

Every needle is ALWAYS brand new, sterilized, and individually sealed for the best possible protection. The supplies used (such as razors, cups, and ink caps) are disposable. Any remaining items are wrapped in disposable plastic. Everything we do for sterility is for your protection as well as ours, so we don't take chances. All artists are each inspected by the Mecklenburg County Health Department annually and our autoclave is tested every month to confirm sterility.

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