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Steve  Huntsberry

Thanks for your interest in my work.  I strive to do as much as I can for as many as I can, but I currently have an overwhelming amount of artwork to put together and tattoo, so I need to hold off for a while before adding more.  If you prefer me to do your tattoo for you, email me some notes and images about what you’d like to have done and where you have in mind for placement on the body, approximate size, color or black & grey preferences, and anything else relevant about the tattoo you would like to have done.  And when I can start scheduling new work, I can reply to that email to begin discussions about how to move forward on getting an appointment, such as deposits and potential dates.    

If you don’t have an artist preference and just want a really nice tattoo, I highly recommend my co-worker & friend here, Lee Greene.  Truly a very talented artist and overall great guy.  His contact info is

Thank you

   I'm from Greenville, NC and I started getting tattooed when I was fifteen years old.  When I was 17, I met Garry Nobles, the owner of Skin Gra-fix Studios.  It took a couple of years, but he finally agreed to teach me.  Garry had a lot of faith in me, even when I didn't deserve it.  He is a great man, and I appreciate him more than he knows.  He taught me what he could before I moved to Tampa, FL to go to art school.  After graduating, I moved back to Greenville to finish my apprenticeship.  I worked with Garry for another year while he guided me through the steps to running a successful shop.

     In 1994, I moved to Charlotte, NC to open Immortal Images.  I'm not sure why I chose Charlotte really, just a "gut" feeling, I guess.  I like Charlotte, and it's been good to me.  I really learned a lot when I got here, too. There was a lot of good competition here, so it was time to “sink or swim” and do the best I could do to get the shop going.  Now, over 28 years later, I'm still here and still growing.  I'm lucky enough to have worked with many fine artists who have passed through my doors.  I enjoy most styles of tattooing, but I'd have to say the realistic is probably my strongest area.  I don't like to limit myself to any one style, but lately I do prefer black & grey realistic style of tattooing.

     There's no better canvas than living canvas and I love to see an illustration come to life as it lives and breathes in the skin. I’m always learning and trying to improve.  The sky is the limit on how much someone can learn about how to tattoo. Everyday there is something new to learn, and being around such a broad range of styles here in the shop, something new is always available.

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