The way your tattoo heals is crucial to how it will look afterwards. I'll explain healing your tattoo just ahead in the Aftercare section, but for now, let's get your skin ready for a tattoo to be done right. You really need to have your skin in good condition for us to do our best work on it. Everything can make a difference on how it turns out. If your skin is damaged, sun-burned, cuts or scrapes, etc. it will definitely make a big difference.

    First, stay out of the sun. If you are sunburned, it will (of course) be very red. That redness is blood at the surface of your skin and if you tattoo through this the blood at the surface will thin the inks we're trying to put in. This will wash out (or fade) your tattoo and you'll just have to redo it again when it heals. Even then, it won't be as good as it could've been. So USE SUN BLOCK for a few days, or even weeks ahead if you plan to be out in the sun.  Light skin is great canvas, and a lot healthier, too! A tan is nice for some, but very over-rated, and does no favors for tattoo art. Secondly, cuts, scratches, etc. are also bad. You can't put needles to a healing wound because it could cause scarring and/or uneven color. A little skin moisturizer for a few days ahead would be nice for your skin, and stay out of the tanning booth and sun for a few days. It can only help. It's your money and pain, so let's do it right the first time.

The day of your appointment

    Ok, so today is the big day!  Here’s a few tips for your comfort and to help everything run smoothly.  First, we have to ask you to please leave your children at home.  This is an adult environment where there may be adult language,  music and nudity.  Plus, kids like to get into things and this is a place where there are zones that need to be kept sanitary.  Overall, getting tattooed is between you and your artist, and a guest if you like, but not a family event to bring your children to.

    When coming in for your tattoo...  You may be here a while, so if you like, bring in a pillow and/or a towel (that you don’t mind if it gets ink stains on).  Our chairs are covered in plastic for your safety, so a towel can cover the plastic and be more comfortable to sit or lay on. 

   Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and have a good meal before you sit for a long tattoo.  Trust me, it makes a difference.  Please bathe and wear appropriate, comfortable clothing that allows us to get where we need to be to be able to do your tattoo without struggling with clothing.  Show up on time or a little early.  We’ll do our best to be ready for you when you get here, but please bear with us if we’re running a little behind because we do stay pretty busy in here.

    At the time of your appointment, your artist will try to get right up there to greet you and make sure everything is correct with the design and then he can make any changes that may be necessary.  Once everything is ready to go, he’ll take you to his  tattoo room to begin the process.  Have fun and relax.  Be sure the design is right, the artist is clear on how you want it done, the placement is right and double-check the spelling of any words before you do anything permanent.